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Why are we talking about gaming headsets? –

Gaming headsets are the gadgets of the moment. According to Nordicity’s 2021 report, the Canadian gaming industry has grown 23 percent since 2019 to contribute $5.5 billion to the country’s total GDP. Furthermore, the industry has grown 35 percent since 2019 and has now 937 active game studios. In this post, we will cover gaming headsets for beginners and advanced gamers. We hope this will help you decide on the right solution for your game. We will focus on Edmonton’s market will many game studios. The reason being is because it is an authentic city that has made an effort to be more attractive to newcomers and visitors.

We chose this topic because the world of video games continued to grow in popularity, even during the pandemic. Since you spend a lot of time wearing a gaming headset, it has at least to treat your ears well.

gaming headsets
best gaming headsets

Here in Edmonton, there is a hot market for headsets. This is why we chose to talk about Edmonton’s rising gaming industry. So sit tight and enjoy your reading!

Does Edmonton have a rising gaming industry?

Debora said in her previous post how much she loves to live in Edmonton and how great it is to raise a family and work there. Not so long ago, many people would move to Edmonton looking for a job opportunity in the oil and gas industry. They would look to hang on to that dream job for a few years and come back to their original provinces and towns. From 2015 to 2020, with the drop in oil prices, the dream jobs in the oil in gas industry faded away.

Since then, Alberta has diversified its economy. While diversification is far from over, the video game industry was a phenomenal place to start. First, the province released the Interactive Digital Media Tax Credit introduced in 2018. Coupled with reduced business costs, a talent pool of programmers, and 20-year established companies, Edmonton’s gaming industry is finally standing out.

Unpacking Edmonton’s rising gaming industry

It all started when BioWare, an Edmonton gaming studio released its first title called Shattered Steel in 1996. The game put Edmonton on the video game production map. Since then, several new studios emerged. Beamdog, Serious Labs, CodeHatch and XGen, to name a few. Meanwhile, BioWare was purchased by Electronic Arts in 2007 but retained its brand name.

Fast-forward to 2022, oil prices have bounced back, but other factors have enticed the video game companies to setup shop in Edmonton. The combination of the tax credits, highly skilled workforce, and (unfortunately) the lockdowns during the pandemic played a role. 

So, Edmonton once again has recovered from an economic downturn. Recently, Improbable, a British video game start-up set up its first Canadian office in Edmonton.

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Creative talents choose Edmonton

Did you know that the gaming industry is much more than a bunch of programmers? It needs artists, writers, and other creatives to develop the ultimate video game experience. According to a professor from the University of Alberta, the percentage of their labour force that’s actually programmers is probably around 20 to 25 percent.

Be that as it may, Edmonton is addressing the job demands by attracting and retaining creative talents to the city while also nurturing them at home. To this end, the University of Alberta Certificate in Computer Game Development is a joint certificate between the Faculty of Arts and the Faculty of Science and is open to all students.

Furthermore, according to Nordicity’s analysis of the video game industry, Alberta went from 25 to 88 companies from 2017 to 2021 for a total of 1,300 employees. Winnipeg and Edmonton follow much larger industries established in Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver. 

So, cheers to Edmonton’s emerging video game development scene for attracting these creative talents.

Creative people have more choices about choosing where to live. They choose where to live not just because of good jobs and quality of life. Living unique experiences is what truly matters to them. They choose to live in authentic places. 

An authentic city

Edmonton is an authentic city because it does not provide just one thing. It has more than 30 major festivals celebrating music, theatre, dance, visual arts, street performers, and ethnic food. It has more than 84 golf courses, and 60-plus galleries, including the breathtaking Art Gallery of Alberta.

Moreover, Edmonton’s Downtown Arts District features the Citadel Theatre and the Francis Winspear Centre for Music. Last but not least, for those who love sports, there is the amazing Icy District with the Rogers arena, home of the NHL’s Oilers.

Edmonton is an energetic, welcoming city, full of all-seasons active living activities.

Edmonton is an authentic city
gaming headsets

What about the gaming headsets?

Across Canada, gaming, or eSports as the gamers prefer to call it, has gone from a simple recreational activity to become a completely developed industry. 

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced gamer, here is our advice. Cheap headphones may play sounds relatively well, but you need a proper gaming headset for a fully immersive experience.

The best gaming headset is the one that offers everything you need for a gaming setup. This includes plush earcups, on-ear volume controls and a sturdy boom mic.

The number of high-tech capabilities you will need depends on how picky you are about your gaming experience. But a quality headset must highlight important noises and deliver rich music. There are other features that may be important to you. For example, how easy it is to customize your soundscape for different applications. Or how to communicate with your teammates with a high-quality mic.

But don’t worry. There are headsets that offer a quality sound experience for gamers of every budget. Having good audio doesn’t always need to cost you your savings account.

Learning how to choose a gaming headset

Knowing how to choose the right gaming headset is critical. A gaming headset that’s made specifically for your skills level and expectations can lead to a more enjoyable gaming experience. While having a budget strategy is not a bad idea, the right gaming headset can help you appreciate the time required to improve your game.

Regardless whether you’re playing PS4 games, Xbox One games or Switch games, you should find a balance between the basic features and price. A good headset can offer the basics without charging too much money for a great experience.

We will go through the specifics about choosing the right gaming headset in the next post.

shopping for authentic lifestyles

It’s All About an Authentic Lifestyle…

Gaming headsets are an essential part of millennials’ authentic lifestyle. They are a great investment for gamers who want to improve their experience while playing. There are many different models available, so it’s important to choose wisely.

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