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Everyone's journey is unique, mine has been incredibly rewarding

What is a social media affiliate marketing start-up?

Hi there, I am Debora, the Managing Partner at TrudoUrbani. TrudoShare by TrudoUrbani is a social media affiliate marketing, one-stop shop business focusing on authentic lifestyles.

TrudoShare is our trademark for affiliate marketing used to…”share” the trending lifestyle products and authentic lifestyle brands showcased on the TrudoShare by TrudoUrbani website. 

We created this firm to try something different in e-commerce, something like a made-for-you approach for an authentic customer experience.

Most buying decisions are emotional, not logical. It would be best if you didn’t do that here. The brands we promote don’t sell just products, they sell experiences and ideas. This is what being authentic means for us. We want to be a loyalty-inspiring brand.

But here is how it all started. I am married to Marcelo and a mother of two kids, Nathan and Kayden. In addition, I also consider myself the mother of our puppy, Tracy 5 years old (she is also known as Tracyneide and TracyMaria). I’m old-fashioned – a family with young children needs a dog.

By the way, if you are pregnant or thinking of becoming a mom, check my post about pregnancy personal care. I know everybody can use a hand on this topic.

Marcelo lives in Canada since before we met, so we raised our family in Edmonton, Alberta in western Canada, where I moved to in 2017. In a way, Canada gave us the amazing lifestyle we always craved. I talked in one of my posts about how Edmonton is a great place to live in Alberta.

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Banff National Park - Alberta

One-stop shop, three trademarks

TrudoUrbani is a one-stop shop business promoting the idea of creating and enjoying an authentic urban lifestyle. We have two other trademarks – TrudoFawz and TrudoRealty.

We think we can help you with anything you may need to fulfill your lifestyle. From shopping retail (TrudoShare) to designing your next renovation project (TrudoFawz) or planning your new home (TrudoRealty), this is what we do.

How it really started

In 2015, I moved from Ananindeua in Brazil, where I had lived since I was born, to Sao Paulo. To clarify, Ananindeua is a small town in Belem’s metropolitan area. Sao Paulo, on the other hand, is an amazing city to live in that made me realize I was born an urbanite.  Certainly, some people like a more bucolic lifestyle and that is nothing wrong with it. But moving to the largest city in Brazil was a game-changer and opened my mind.

In contrast, from Sao Paulo to Edmonton! Who would ever believe it? It is exciting to have a space to talk about my experiences in Canada. You see, more than 80% of Canada’s population lives in urban areas. As a result, this has a deep impact on everything you can think about urban lifestyles and brands. For example, diversity, nightlife, arts, culture, music, food, clothing, shopping – you name it.

Meanwhile, we are going to have fun talking about those things. We want to dive deep into authentic lifestyle brands, house & garden, unique gadgets, and so on.

A social media affiliate marketing one-stop shop business – Why am I doing this?

Firstly, a bit of explanation. I am not a blogger or marketer – my background is in financial management. I have reached a point in my career where it is time to try something innovative. Recently, I created TrudoUrbani as a start-up boutique firm to give it a try. 

The focus is on individuality and creating a unique, personalized living space that reflects your urban lifestyle. This could appeal to those who value creativity and self-expression, as well as those who enjoy the convenience of having everything they need in one place.

But it can and we hope it will be much more (see our full disclosure Affiliate Disclosure and Privacy Policy). In fact, as in any start-up firm, we are still experimenting with new things, so who knows what it will become in the future.

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Sunset at English Bay - Vancouver
social media affiliate marketing
Edmonton is a great place to live in alberta

Secondly, all that I know is that I never thought that leaving Ananindeua would be like this. The way we live and interact with other people in large cities affects us deeply. 

Believe me, this has changed me forever. In fact, what I have seen, lived, and learned has shaped who I am and raised my expectation about life. Consequently, at this point, quality of life is the bare minimum I expect for me and my family. We want authentic places and lifestyles for authentic experiences.

In my pursuit of happiness, urban living has to dazzle me – Canada has set the bar pretty high. Thus, telling these stories may inspire more people to pursue their dreams, and may also help me to clear my mind about my business.

So, where we go from here?

Certainly, the blog is where everything starts. It is a safe place. So, it is where I will share my stories, experiences, places I visited, the foods I tried, the friends that I made, and much more. Although I haven’t travelled much since the kids were born (that is about to change), I try to make the best of any getaway opportunity.

Most of all, being a mom there is a lot I can talk about my daily routines with the boys. Basically, I have learned to be a mom “on-demand”.  So, since I have to wear so many hats, from time to time, I will tell you about little tricks and gadgets that have made life easier. Hence, that is the marketing aspect of the blog.

However, this is what I like about places and lifestyles. You get to do it all – be an entrepreneur, a mom, a spouse. Indeed, cities can offer a little bit of everything to make our crazy lifestyle a bit easier. So, I hope you enjoy how the blog patches all of it together. Loyal readers matter the most to us.

Basically, TrudoShare by TrudoUrbani was built for people who want to share their love of trending lifestyle products and authentic lifestyle brands

The blog is dedicated to sharing all these wonderful brands and products with you from clothing essentials to authentic clothing brands to unique gadgets. We highlight incredible products made by credible makers, so you can shop confidently knowing the products are authentic and of high quality.

loyalty-inspiring brand for shopping authentic lifestyle products
Shopping for authentic lifestyles

TrudoUrbani – a social media affiliate marketing start-up ready to take off

Nathan loves to go for a ride, but at some point, there comes the inevitable question – “Mom, are we there yet?” Above all, just like my children, TrudoUrbani is about the future. Indeed, TrudoUrbani is a start-up ready to take off. We want our loyalty-inspiring brand to evolve with you by designing and providing incredible content.

TrudoShare by TrudoUrbani doesn’t sell products just yet. We do affiliate marketing, meaning, we promote other firms’ products – don’t forget to review our Affiliate Disclosure.

We chose to start this way because we want to get buy into the idea of prioritizing the goal of shopping for authentic lifestyles, authentic places, and genuine vibes for creative people like you. 

In doing so, we want to start developing a community around your values and ideals to find out what products provide the best experience when shopping for authentic brands. Then, we can sell authentic products ourselves in the future. We aim to be the go-to place for authentic brands and products.

We want to earn your respect and trust by giving you access to the authentic lifestyle you crave.

To sum up, if you want to follow along, come with the Trudo team and me, We are here, on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. That is to say, there are no rules, just follow our social networks.

In a word – Come grow with us! 

Above all, welcome to TrudoShare by Trudo Urbani – always sharing good stories and tips!

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Authentic brands and products

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