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Shopping for authentic lifestyles

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Our Identity, Our Brand, Our Mission

How We Came up With A Name for Our One-Stop Shop Business

We rely on authenticity to convey transparency, trustworthiness, reliability and provide Great Customer Services

The first step in creating the brand for our one-stop shop business was to identify our niche. Then, we asked ourselves – how would we stand out from other businesses. How do we apply these ideas to our name? How can we provide an authentic customer experience to our clients? So, this is how the name of our firm was created – TrudoUrbani that reflects our business purpose:

To be the go-to-place for people shopping for authentic lifestyle products

loyalty-inspiring brand for shopping authentic lifestyle products

The truth is…everything started back in 2014 when I first came to Edmonton. Here is the full story. 

Trudo - (/ˈtruː.doː/)
Urbani - /urˈ,

Trudo is the Latin word for “to thrust" or "push”. 
Urbani is the Latin word for “of or belonging to a city”.

TrudoShare By TrudoUrbani: A loyalty-inspiring brand

A loyalty-inspiring brand is a company that has a strong sense of purpose

A loyalty-inspiring brand for shopping authentic lifestyle products

loyalty-inspiring brand

A loyalty-inspired brand is a company that has a strong sense of purpose, which creates a bond between the brand and its customers.

Brands today are turning their attention from being mass-marketed to becoming niche marketers. To remain competitive they need to become authentic lifestyle brands.

But how do you create a brand that resonates with customers?

Our loyalty-inspiring brand speaks to our customers through our values and beliefs. Learn more about our history on TrudoUrbani co-founder and COO Debora Lobato’s page.

what does an authentic lifestyle brand look like?

loyalty-inspiring brand

An authentic lifestyle brand represents the values of its community. The brand has a clear purpose, mission, and vision. It also offers a product or service that aligns with those values.

To stand out from competitors, we partner with brands that like us are now focusing on building long-term relationships with customers.

We aim at inspiring trust and loyalty from customers because we strive to reflect who they are. And we will do our best to offer something unique that no other affiliate marketer can.

You can expect nothing less from TrudoShare by TrudoUrbani!

A one-stop shop business for all things fashion and lifestyle

loyalty-inspiring brand for shopping authentic lifestyle products
Shopping for authentic lifestyles

We want to ensure you that our company provides a unique service and why you should use it:

Our Logo – represents our business. It is usually used as an identifier on our websites, social media pages, and other promotional materials.

Our Name – the name is a combination of words that describes our business. It’s often used on our website and other promotional materials. We wanted something short and memorable. The website name is different. It combines our business name with our social media profile.

Our Brand – is a collection of the services we offered which are based on building a reputation and trust. It is beyond our logo, names, slogans, colours, fonts, and other visual elements.

A one-stop shop business with a brand that suits our customers

Being genuine

Authenticity is the quality of being true to its original state. When we use this word, we are referring to the truthfulness of something. Whether the product is clothing or a gadget, authenticity speaks to how genuine the item is. When we talk about authenticity in our business, it means that the products we promote, our services, and practices are genuine.

Our Company wants to create a bond between our brand and our customers

Transparency is key to being authentic. In order for a business to have transparency, it must reveal information that is honest and reliable. Customers want to know that the information they get from companies is accurate and unbiased. Companies need to be transparent so that their consumers can rely on them to provide truthful answers.

We want to build long-lasting relationships with our customers

Trustworthiness is the fourth meaning of authenticity. You cannot build trust for your brand unless you live up to your promises and expectations. This is especially true for businesses that sell online. Consumers expect honesty and integrity from websites. If consumers find out a website isn’t trustworthy, they won’t return to it.

Shop at TrudoShare by TrudoUrbani for authentic lifestyle clothing, clothing essentials, clothing brands in Canada, and fashion and lifestyle products

Reliability is another key aspect of being authentic. Our reputation matters. People don’t just judge based on appearance, but also on actions and behaviours. If a person doesn’t think that you are reliable, he or she won’t make any commitments.

Customer services
We strive to make sure that we have the best selection of authentic lifestyle products

Our brand reflects our goals 

We want to:

  • be seen as an authority on fashion and lifestyle trends;
  • be known as the go-to-place for people shopping for authentic lifestyle products, shopping for authentic brands, or simply looking for information about lifestyle; and
  • be considered the best place to buy fashion and lifestyle products.

Loyal readers matter most to us

Blogging is how we share our opinions and experiences. Hopefully, we can also find how to solve problems connecting ideas to products.

To a certain extent, we are problem-solvers, so we are here to support you every step of the way.

shopping online for clothes and accessories

Customers always come first

No matter what industry you are in, if you treat your clients well, they will do the same back to you.Treating people right is the best way to keep repeat customers. When a consumer receives poor customer service, he or she may avoid doing business with you again. 

We want you to have an authentic customer experience

With this meaning of authenticity in mind, companies need to understand how to create authentic experiences for their customers. Authentic consumer experience refers to the idea that consumers expect brands to deliver on their promises. 

In today’s world, customers want authenticity from everything they buy. They want to feel connected to the brand they’re buying from. In addition, they want to know that the product they’re purchasing has been created with care and attention to detail. 

And they want to be able to trust that the company behind the product is committed to delivering quality products and services.

authentic consumer experience

Thus, to be authentic, companies must first recognize what makes them unique. For example, if a company sells clothing, it should focus on creating comfortable, durable, and stylish products. If a company sells electronics, it should focus its efforts on ensuring that its products work well and look beautiful.

Therefore, once a company understands what makes it different from other companies, it can use those differences to create an authentic customer experience.

Companies that sell services should focus on providing quality customer service. 

As affiliate marketers, our service is to connect a thought or idea with a product.

We are on a mission...

We want to be the first choice for all our customers' online shopping needs

authentic brands and products

Our mission is to provide customers with the best products at competitive prices while providing them with a unique shopping experience. 

So, we believe that our customers deserve nothing less than the highest quality products at the best price. 

Our goal is to offer the best customer service possible with a high level of integrity. We want you to have an authentic customer experience.
  • Our team works very hard to make sure that we have the best selection of authentic lifestyle products. We want to give you an opportunity to find exactly what they are looking for without having to spend hours searching for it.
  • TrudoUrbani wants to build long-lasting relationships with you. This means to be honest and transparent with you when giving our opinion about shopping clothes and gadgets online.
  • We want to be the first choice for all our customers’ online shopping needs.
shopping for authentic lifestyles
  • We aim to be the go-to place for authentic brands and products.

The variety of products and partners showcased on our website is constantly expanding

  • unique gadgets such as health and fitness gadgets
  • cooking equipment essentials
  • home and garden lifestyle and great home & lifestyle products
  • home lighting & decor
  • athleisure apparel and the best athleisure brands in Canada
  • authentic clothing brands
  • authentic footwear
  • lifestyle product brands
  • essential clothing brands
  • beauty & personal care
  • newborn essentials
  • children’s clothing and shoes
  • popular children’s toys
  • kindle e-books
  • the best active lifestyle brands and products, global brands, and so on.

So, what does this mean for businesses?

As affiliate marketers and one-stop shop business, we will always give our honest opinions on products for an authentic customer experience.

See our Affiliate Disclosure and Privacy Policy. Talk to us if you have any questions.

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