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What's a one-stop shop for authentic lifestyle products?

We are a social media and affiliate marketing start-up. In fact, our website is a one-stop shop business for authentic lifestyles. If you are shopping for authentic brands and products, this is your stop. The authentic lifestyle products we advertise include clothing essentials and authentic lifestyle clothing. They are organized into categories – clothing and fashion, gadgets and gaming, beauty and personal, house and garden.

There is also a special section for babies, kids and their preferred toys. We only partner with brands that we think are credible makers.  We really want you to have an authentic customer experience. Above all, our brand captures the essence of what we value the most:

React to the experiences of where we live and how we live in an authentic way

A loyalty-inspiring brand for shopping authentic lifestyle products

loyalty-inspiring brand

A loyalty-inspired brand is a company that has a strong sense of purpose, which creates a bond between the brand and its customers.

Brands today are turning their attention from being mass-marketed to becoming niche marketers. To remain competitive they need to become authentic lifestyle brands.

But how do you create a brand that resonates with consumers?

what does an authentic lifestyle brand look like?

authentic brands and products

An authentic lifestyle brand represents the values of its community. The brand has a clear purpose, mission, and vision. It also offers a product or service that aligns with those values.

To stand out from competitors, we partner with brands that like us are now focusing on building long-term relationships with customers.

You can expect nothing less from TrudoShare by TrudoUrbani!

Featured Authentic Lifestyle Brands

You can expect nothing less from TrudoShare by TrudoUrbani!

The newest trends in authentic brands and products

authentic lifestyle products

Authentic Lifestyle Products

We blog to generate conversations. First, we start by exploring authentic places and trending lifestyle products. Our goal is to help people find the products they’re looking for in an honest and transparent way. We work directly with the people behind these brands.

fashion and lifestyle products

Fashion and lifestyle products

Whether you’re looking for affordable brands or luxury brands in Canada or internationally, we are here to help. So you can shop with confidence knowing that the products are authentic and of high quality. This is what we call an authentic customer experience.

authentic lifestyle products

Authentic places, unique experiences

Our blogposts feature creative people and their unique experiences. It also focuses on authentic places that have genuine vibes, and authentic lifestyle brands. Whether becoming more adventurous, athletic, or socially conscious, we are here to support you. 

authentic clothing store

Authentic Clothing Store

Check out our many fashion and lifestyle products at our partners’ authentic clothing store online. Fashion is a way of expressing yourself and your style. You may not think about it, but fashion affects how people perceive you.

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Selected posts to inspire, guide, and motivate people in their search for authentic lifestyle products

A one-stop shop for authentic brands and products

Authentic lifestyle products from clothing essentials to authentic clothing brands to unique gadgets or home and garden can help you to connect more with your ideal version of yourself. We believe that certain brands are connected with certain values. We partner with credible makers to help you to improve your world. The products we showcase have a sense of uniqueness to ensure you stand out within the crowd.

Shop Authentic Brands and Products for Authentic Lifestyles

Here is what we offer

affiliate disclosure for people searching for authentic brands and products

Affiliate Marketing

We give honest opinions, findings, beliefs, and experiences on services and products. Review our Affiliate Disclosure.

package forwarding services for people searching for authentic brands and products

Package Forwarding Services

We can provide reliable package forwarding services to deliver the global economy to your front door.

authentic brands for people searching for authentic brands and products

Authentic Brands

Our team works directly with large authentic brands and authentic lifestyle clothing companies, and integrate their products seamlessly into our platform.

Shop now for an authentic customer experience

Authentic consumer experience refers to the idea that consumers expect brands to deliver on their promises. As a loyalty-inspiring brand, we understand how important it is to create authentic experiences for our customers. As a social media and affiliate marketing company, we don’t have to worry about inventory, wholesale price fluctuations, shipping or the sort. All that matters to us is our customers, meaning you. By understanding what sets us apart from other companies, we can use those differences to create an authentic customer experience for you.

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A One-Stop Shop for People shopping authentic lifestyle products

There are many ways to shop for authentic lifestyle products and lifestyle brands. You may want to visit a local store, browse the internet, or even buy at wholesale prices. However, shopping online is a great option! We have chosen products and brands to promote very carefully to best serve you. Some of our partners offer free shipping and have good deals. Many times they also give you a discount code just for signing up. Another benefit of shopping online is that you can get exactly what you want and need without having to compromise. If you find something that isn’t working though, simply return it for a full refund.

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Authentic Lifestyle Products

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TrudoShare by TrudoUrbani is a loyalty-inspiring brand to support your Authentic Lifestyle

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loyalty-inspiring brand for shopping authentic lifestyle products