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TrudoUrbani Group: Problem-solvers connecting ideas to products

Welcome to TrudoUrbani Group! We’re a boutique organization dedicated to highlighting what makes places and lifestyles one-of-a-kind. We strive to authentically capture our customers’ and partners’ experiences in order to create value for them. Come join us on this amazing journey today!

Urban Lifestyle: Shopping Authentic Brands and Products

We’ve got you covered at TrudoShare! Our partners offer only the best in authentic products and brands – all designed to help you become your ideal self. Shopping with us lets you connect with yourself and discover innovative products that make a difference.

Urban Living: 3D Modelling and Rendering

At TrudoFawz, we know places have been imbued with meaning throughout time. That’s why we offer 3D modelling, renderings, and visual solutions for real estate, architects and designers – giving them a way to portray an urban lifestyle that’s easy for people to recognize.

Place-making and Place-branding: Urban Development

loyalty-inspiring brand

At TrudoRealty, we provide complete project management services from pre-development through to project completion. We are passionate about development consulting and committed to doing what’s best for our clients, stakeholders, and the communities we collaborate with.

Client Testimonials

“Debora approaches problems with a compelling mixture of overviews of the issues. Her excellent communication, coordination and exceptional relationship-building skills make her a pleasure to work with."
Sartiz Sweets, local Entrepreneur, Edmonton, AB
“Trudo team, it's been nothing but a joy working with you guys. Your passion for design and attention to detail has provided exceptional results to our clients."
Keith McIntyre, Architectural Designer at Frank Hilbich Architect, Edmonton, AB

Successful businesses don’t focus only on products - they focus on authenticity.

Authenticity is the secret ingredient! Real products, buildings, people, and history matter to real people. That’s why our service helps connect their expectations and ideas to amazing products.

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