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Have you ever come across an international store that you love but can’t buy from? This is a common problem that everybody might encounter when shopping online. But it is not a problem when you use package forwarding services.

For example, many Canadian stores offer exciting products, often at good prices, but they only ship within Canada. But the internet is removing those barriers. Therefore, if there are Canadian stores that you love but don’t ship to your country, you need package forwarding services. 

So, let’s dive into the details of using package forwarding services to shop anywhere, not just in Canada.

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What is package forwarding services and how does it work?

Package forwarding is a service that shipping companies offer to help you to shop from international stores.

Firstly, they would give you a local address in the country the store is located.

Secondly,  you would give the address of the package forwarding service company to the international store.

Then the company would receive the products on your behalf and ship them over to you. 

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For example, when you shop online at Canadian stores, you would give the store the package forwarding service company’s address and have your packages shipped there. It is that simple.

The idea is to provide you access to international stores that you wouldn’t have without a local address.

The best package forwarding service companies manage to keep shipping costs competitive as if you were shopping locally.

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Benefits Of Using International Package Forwarding Services

Before we talk about the benefits you should be aware that there may be additional costs associated with this service.

This includes taxes, insurance, and varied shipping costs.

For example, shipping costs sometimes can be very high if you want the package to be delivered faster.

However, package forwarding companies can strike better deals with shipping companies to reduce shipping costs.

In addition, shipping costs can be reduced if you consolidate all products you bought in one package.

Another advantage is that you don’t need to worry about getting several tracking numbers from each store you make a purchase from. The only tracking number you need is the one provided by the package forwarding service company.

All you need to do to use online package forwarding services is go to the company’s website that offers the service. There you’ll find instructions on how to sign up for the service. After that, you’ll just need to fill out some basic information about yourself and your package. Then, you’re good to go!

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Taxes and insurance – what you need to know to have an authentic consumer experience

At TrudoUrbani we offer international package forwarding services to Brazilians, Americans, and Canadians when they buy products from our affiliate partners.

We have very competitive prices. Our rates are among the cheapest package forwarding services from Canada to Brazil. But since we are affiliate marketers, please review our affiliate disclosure webpage before using our services.

Now let’s talk about taxes for a moment.

Products bought online and shipped to you from another country are subject to foreign taxes and to your country’s taxes.

We are familiar with Brazilian taxes. Therefore, if you want to buy from Canadian stores and receive the package in Brazil, we can estimate the applicable taxes. Usually, buyers don’t think about taxes until later in the process, so we are here to help you.

Another thing to think about is insurance. We encourage our clients to protect their products with insurance before shipping. It is an additional cost but it’s worth it. 

Our team can help you understand those costs to give you a clear picture of how much you will spend in total. 

Making international payments easier

In addition to taxes and insurance, let’s discuss your payment options. International payments can be tricky. So if you cannot pay the store via your credit card there are options. 

For example, you can pay via digital cards or use alternate payment methods. One option is to use PayPal, which is an excellent service for international shoppers. If the store does not allow you to shop using your PayPal card, you can use PayPal to buy the store’s gift cards.

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Our loyalty-inspiring brand when talking Package Forwarding Services

Package forwarding service companies offer this service to help customers to buy from international stores. 

But we at TrudoUrbani want to go beyond that. 

We want you to know that TrudoUrbani is a loyalty-inspiring brand. This means that we provide value to our customers that goes beyond promoting products and shipping them over to them. 

Shopping should be an enjoyable experience, so that is what we are here for. Our goal is to provide something unique and valuable to you. 

We will do everything we can for you to enjoy an authentic consumer experience!

Final Thoughts… Best Package forwarding services from Canada

If you are in the US or in Brazil you should consider our package forwarding services. We provide the best package forwarding services from Canada to these countries.

Using package forwarding services is a great way to get your package shipped to different places around the world. Just make sure you select the right company before signing up. Then enjoy the benefits of buying the best products from different locations.

To sum up, thanks to package forwarding services, you can get anything you want from other countries as if you were shopping locally. Package forwarding services are here to deliver all your international purchases to your front door. 

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